How to use Random Class in C# to Generate Random Numbers? ... Step By Step Tutorial

Using Random Class to Generate Random Numbers in C#:

Here, You will learn how to use Random Class in C# to generate Random numbers. You can use this techniques in games or Programs in which you require some uniqueness. I Personally use this Class in Ludo Game to generate the Dice Outputs.
You can do a number of works by this Class but I am explaining to Generate the Random Numbers.

Code to Generate Random Numbers:

            Random random = new Random(); // Making object of Random Class
for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)  // Counter Loop to show result
            int number = random.Next(1, 7);  // Generating Random Number from 1 to 6 to use in ludo

           Console.WriteLine(number);  // Writing the output on Console Screen...


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