Storing and Reading Data from a Text File Using C#

File Handling in C#:

We can read or Write data on a text file Using C#. It is also called Filing in Computer Programming. We use System.IO namespace to Handle Files in C#. IO namespace includes classes that facilitate reading and writing of data to data streams and files.

Now Coming directly to the point, I use TextWriter Class usually to Read or Write Data on text Files. Following are the Steps to Read or Write Data on Text Files in C#:

For Writing Data on Text File:

TextWriter tw;  // Using Class TextWriter , Text file will be in debug folder of Program,

            using (tw = new StreamWriter(@"new.txt", true))   // We write using because we donot want to make a text file when we run a program and delete the existing data.. so this will use the previous file, and make a new file of dooesn't exist as we use "true" 

                Console.WriteLine("Enter data to Store");  
                string Data = Console.ReadLine();       // Reading data from Console Screen
                tw.WriteLine(Data);   // Writing data on text file
                tw.Close();  // to close the file

For Reading Data From Text file:

TextReader tr = new StreamReader(@"new.txt");  //using TextWriter Class, Text file is in debug folder of Program,
                string data = tr.ReadToEnd();  // Reading data from text file
                tr.Close();  // to close the file


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