Enumerators or Enum in C#, Easy Tutorial

What are Enumerators in C#:

First of all we have to know that what are enums, so the very simple answer is Enums are the User Defined Data Types. It means that it is a distinct Data Type which user defines, and not a predefined data type given by the C#. Enumerators in C#have numbers associated with the values. 
By default, the first element of enum is assigned a value of 0 and is increment for each subsequent enum element. The default value can be overridden during initialization.

  public enum food { pizza = 1, burger = 2 };


class Clock
        public enum TYPE { HOURS12, HOURS24 } // now hour12 and hour24 will act as normal variable like int a where a is variable.

        public enum AMPM { AM, PM }
        public TYPE type;
        private AMPM ampm;

public Clock()
            type = TYPE.HOURS12;  // how to to use enum variable  
            ampm = AMPM.AM;
            hours = 1; minutes = 0; seconds = 0;

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