Helpful Points for Pilgrimage (Umrah or Hajj)

Points to remember before going to perform pilgrimage:

Following Points must be remembered by the person who wants to perform Hajj or Umrah  or he want to perform any of them. We are sharing the personal experience of a Blessed pilgrim that will definitely be useful and it will help you if you planning to do the sacred journey, I apologize to Allah and you for any grammar mistake and any appreciation or criticize will be welcomed. The prices specified are in early 2014:

  1. Reserve your ticket at least before two months, It will be cost effective for you.                                                                                   
  2. You must take the knowledge from your Travel Agent about your accommodation. Information like the distance from Kaaba and the name of the hotel. Generally agents accommodate people in cheap hotel after reaching the sacred place.                                                                                   
  3. The journey between Mecca and Medina is normally done in six to seven hours, Plan your journey in such a way that you have to do this journey only one time. For example, If you come Jeddah first then leave from Medina and if you come Medina first then leave from Jeddah. By this way you will easily save your time and money and that time can be utilized in prayers.                                                                                         
  4. Must keep water bottles with you because it will take five to seven hours from Jeddah to your hotel and after reaching that empty bottles will be needed for Aab-e-zamzam.                               
  5. If you are with your family then plan the place and time of leaving Kaaba before entering in it because it is very hard to be together inside. At prayer times the ladies are directed to go to the place specialized for ladies prayers. Ladies should go their before five minutes of prayer to get good place.                            
  6. The time of azaan for tahajjud prayer is about 4 AM. Try to offer this prayer also to increase the blessings.                                 
  7. In Kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabvi, the Namaz-e-Janaza is performed mostly. You must learn it if you forgot to get the full full blessings. Offer the remaining prayer after Namaz-e-Janaza.                                                                                                              
  8. Two Rakat Sunnah is offered after Azaan of Maghrib Prayer before Farz.                                                                                         
  9. In Saudi Arabia many peoples usually keep fast on Monday, Thursday and the 13th, 14th and 15th of Islamic Calender. For this purpose Meal and Dates are given at the Kaaba for Iftar. If you are not fasting than avoid to eat in front of Saudis and respect their fast and start to eat with them at the time of Iftar.                                                                                                          
  10. If you have lost your shoes then do not pick up the shoes of another person. Go outside the door and a lot of derelict shoes are there and you can take a pair of shoes from there.                      
  11. If you want to perform more Umrah then try to wear Ihram in Hotel and Perform Nafil in Ayesha Mosque. It will save your time. vehicle can be hired from Haram to Ayesha Mosque in 3 - 5 Riyals.                                                                                                
  12. It is permitted to take 10 liters Aab-e-Zam Zam which cost 20 Riyals and it is packed. You will have to face problems at Airport if you have unpacked bottles. You can take 10 liters per person and other bottles can be added to you luggage weight.                                                                                                             
  13. If you are with old or handicapped peoples then try to reserve room in nearest hotel Otherwise you have to take a wheel chair and it will be a problem is rush hours.                                            
  14. One more beauty of Kaaba is that different peoples from different Maktab-e-Fikr (Firqa) offer Namaz behind one Imam. Feel great to perform namaz behind on Imam and avoid the myths.                                                                                            
  15. Lesson (dars) is also delivered in Urdu Between Maghrib and Isha in Masjid-e-Nabvi. Try to listen that as you will get benefit.                                                                                            
  16. Follow the rules there and respect the administration. Achieve you goal there and pray as much as you can and prove you to be a good human being and citizen. It will add the respect of you and your country. Do not compare yourself with people from other countries.                                                                     
  17. This point is for Pakistanis, You will realize the importance of you and your country by looking at the sign boards there as Urdu is also written specially. It is a great respect for Pakistan from the Administration of sacred country.                                   
  18. Buy gifts and dates from Medina.                                                  
  19. If you are with family take electronic kettle and ingredients of tea. Take some medicines also.                                       
To be Continued... Stay Blessed

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