10 Simple SEO Tips to Boost Your Ranking

Normally, SEO sounds a hard nut to crack to most of us. Th
maby people pay a big lump sum of money to have basic SEO, just because of lack of knowledge that they think it as a big job. Actually basic SEO Configuration is so easy that every person who is enough computer literate to write a blog can do SEO for his/her website.

First you have to know about some things like What exactly about your website and what is the purpose of your website. 

If you want to make the SEO of your website yourself and looking for basic tips then your are completely at the right place. Following are the simple tips  to make the ranking of your website better.

1. Content is KING, I mean Really:

You may have listen the famous phrase that "Content is King". I have utilized the above phrase and it worked. When I started blogging I was very anxious about the visitors, and wanted to increase my visitors by hook or by crook. A lot of time I just posted the links in the social websites groups to get visitors. But the thing I got learnt is that there is no use of self generated traffic. The main thing is generating the traffic through search engine and that is only possible through great content. 

So write the content in your own words tat is completely readable and looks like a human written, not like a robot generated. Think that you are not writing to have traffic, you are writing to help people. That's how you will be able to write great just with a simple thought.

If you are writing a blog, try to add a new blog regularly, It can be on daily, weekly or monthly(not preferred) basis. But CONTINUITY is important.

2. Use Keywords:

Get the appropriate keyword for your article and you can get them from Adwords. Use them as much as you can but in some limits. Do not make your article look like a bank of a certain keyword. Reader will not like it if he/she thinks that you are interested in making money and not in helping him/her out.

3. Link to internal pages on your site:

Linking the internal pages is very important in blogging. Reader must have options to explore new things while reading a post. From your homepage the most important pages of your website must be linked internally. So, Cross link the pages for SEO of your website.

4. Speed is better than the Looks of a Website:

The time to load page is very important. People do not want to wait for a long time to see the content. So for better user experience get rid of any item on your time that is unnecessary and time consuming. These can be some type of plugins, flash or media players. User experience is the key to SEO and ranking.

5. Use Keywords in Images:

When you are going to add an image to a page, change its name to the keyword about your website so image will also help you in building SEO.

6. Update Frequently :

Update your website frequently if you want a good SEO of your website. Remember to update your blog at least once a week.

7. Index your website in Search Engines:

Normally search engines automatically find your website and index it but do not rely on them, Index your website manually on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo for better SEO.

8. Stop Robotic Posts:

Do not use the spinning software to make some one other's blog unique. Spinner cannot write like a human and writing like a human is very important for users, If you are adding post that contain a lot of non-famous words of any language and looks like it has been written by a software that readers will be highly disappointed.

9. Link on other Websites: 

Link your website on other websites like giving answers at Yahoo Answers, Quora, Stackoverflow or any other websites where you can give answers and add your website link. Link other websites so some other website will also link your website.

10. Stop changing Domain names:

There are people who change their domain name after few months. They make their website famous and then change the domain name. Don't do this. First think then buy a domain and once you bought then stick to it.

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