Easy Tutorial for making a Ludo Game using C# Windows Form Application

Step by Step Guide to make a Ludo using C#:

When I was in first year of software engineering, I made a Ludo game using C# Windows Form App. When i was thinking about the project that which project I should make I selected this non seriously. But when it was being started, I realized that it will be tough to make a perfectly running Ludo Game in two months with only one more group member who can help. My respected teacher gave me only one hint that you can use "Arrays" to save path and then we started. At the end it was not so good but running fine and we got good Data Structures and OOP skills for a project and good grade.

Here I will discuss all the important problems of this game and also guide you to make a Ludo game from basic knowledge and even if you are new to programming. The platform and other things which we used in this project is written below:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio(I prefer 2010 or above for this)
  • Some knowledge and practice on C# and Windows Form App
  • You must have met with "Mr. Arrays".

To be continued... (Last edited: November 9,2015) Comment below if having any problem.

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